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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

On a whim, I searched the Internet Movie Data Base and found an entry for me there. The funny part is that I don’t remember playing “Landfill homeless man #2” in a movie called “Attitude” = though it sounds like a role I was made for!

UArts alum Totten featured in Filichia’s August’s Players of the Week

Sunday, September 12th, 2004

This is an article from Peter Filichia’s Diary in Theater News describing the performance of UArts musical theater alum Christopher Totten in a new musical called “Thrill Me.” Well done, Chris!

In New Space, Theater’s Dodgers Try to Be More Artful

Sunday, September 12th, 2004

This is an article from The New York Times about the new Dodger Stages complex on W 50th St. Sounds like the perfect spot for Gemini The Musical, wouldn’t you say?

Garrison Keillor on the Republican Party

Saturday, September 11th, 2004

Within two days, two different friends from two different generations and two different parts of the country sent me this article by Garrison Keillor about the Republican Party. Past visitors to the Chazzyblog probably know a bit about my politics by now (sorry, Mom!) and won’t be surprised to learn that I felt a profound sense of truth in Keillor’s remarks. He’s a powerful and eloquent writer and speaker, and he’s clearly stirred by the subject at hand. Pass it on, by all means!

The Bishops at Burning Man

Saturday, September 11th, 2004

I thoroughly enjoyed Elizabeth Fuller’s account of her visit to Burning Man, as recounted in this Survival Log: September 2004. Fuller and her husband Conrad Bishop are The Independent Eye, playwrights, authors, media-makers and all-round inspiration to me and many of my ilk for decades.

UArts alum Tallia Brinson in Rent tour

Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

Tallia Brinson, who graduated from the UArts Musical Theater program, is currently appearing as Mimi in a national tour of Rent. Here is an interview she gave to a Seattle radio station, and here is an interview she gave in an Arizona newspaper. You go, girl!

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

For those of us who live by the academic calendar, September is when the year begins. It’s all well and good to sing about how “spring has wakened all the flowers” at Eastertime, but September is when things really start hopping. Syllabi come streaming out of copiers, parents double-park their SUV’s to unload their children’s belongings into college dorms, and after a quiet summer, it’s time to share the quiet haunts of the college with the tuition-paying customers — the STUDENTS! Meanwhile, in the theater world, season calendars are published and the engines of theatrical production begin to whir once more.
In other words, there’s plenty going on, and not just at the University, to wit:
We got word that Kerry was accepted as a ninth grader at Central High School

He’ll be starting classes there on Friday, taking a full schedule including English, Algebra, Biology, World History and Italian.
We settled on the house in Wilmington on Monday and can now proudly take our place as former Delawareans.
The August News page has gone up for Gemini The Musical, including casting information and a sneak peak at Tobin Ost’s set design. Rehearsals are less than two weeks away, and final touches are being applied to the piano score. Here’s a photo of me (looking stupid) with Robert Picardo, who plays Fran, when we met in NYC in August for the first time; you can read more about Bob on the Gemini page.

We have gotten confirmation that A Lyrical Opera Made By Two will be appearing at the second annual International Festival of Musical Theater at Cardiff, Wales. Stay tuned for more news about the first production of the Gertrude Stein/William Turner opera since its premiere in 1978! Also in the works – the first European meeting of the International Music Theater Training Symposium, timed to coincide with our performances there during the first week of April.
All this, and another year at the Musical Theater Program at The University of the Arts to boot! Things are clearly hopping!