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Real South Philadelphians

Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

This here list is from the phillyblog.

Another Gemini review

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

“South Philly musical a real crowd pleaser,” says the headline at, which is the website for several suburban Philly newspapers. It’s the most positive review of the show to date.

Gemini in the news – continued

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

Steve Cohen wrote a short piece on Gemini that appeared in last week’s City Paper.

Today’s Inquirer has a review by Howard Shapiro. Not the rave we’d hoped for, I guess, but on the whole, an enthusiastic response. (If you bought the paper today, you’d see this same review with Bunny’s trial incorrectly referred to as a homicide charge – I guess the editor fixed it for the web.)

As Election Day approaches…

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

The following message arrived in my inbox from Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller of the Independent Eye. I take it to heart and pass it on in that spirit.

“For 35 years, we’ve performed for a vast diversity of souls.� We have great respect for people whose views may be very different from ours. We grew up among Republicans, toured all over the USA, had a thriving theatre in a conservative bastion – and shared a common humanity with all.

Yet in this Administration we see little that we recognize.� We feel there’s deep damage to the United States, and that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.� You’ve heard all the arguments, so we won’t repeat them.� The NY Times said it well in their Oct. 17 editorial endorsing Kerry.� It’s worth reading.� Let’s just say what touches us personally.

������� ������� *� Health.� We’ve worked very hard over many years, but that hasn’t earned us the right to survive.� We pay a third of our declining income to health insurance, with high deductible and no dental. We’re very close to losing coverage.� The American system does fine for Dick Cheney’s heart; for us and many millions, it’s a crap-shoot.� We have no idea what Kerry can do, but Bush’s plan is pathetic.

������� ������� *� The “marriage” amendment.� We’ve now celebrated our 43rd anniversary, while our daughter Johanna, who’s in a long-term loving relationship with a young woman in Italy, can probably never be certain that she can even stay in the same country as the person she loves.� We recognize that it’ll be a cold day in hell before gay marriage is legal in the US.� But supporting a Constitutional amendment to classify our daughter as a second-class citizen and fomenting fear about gays as a threat to marriage is nauseating demagogy that masks the very real *economic* assaults on marriages today.

������� ������� *� The Economy.� To people in the financial community, Economy is a character with a quantitative medical printout.� To us, it’s how we’re doing in our lives.� Our state arts support has evaporated. Private donors are severely pinched.� Schools have eliminated arts programs.� I have no doubt that the Economy is fine for some people.� For us and for many friends, it’s vile.

������� ������� *� The Patriot Act.� Several days ago, two servers of IndyMedia Center – a legitimate independent journalists’ network – were seized by order of the FBI.� No explanation, no legal recourse.� Justifying all means in the name of fighting terrorism was precisely the legacy of the Reichstag fire.� The argument is, “Hey, we’re reasonable people, we’ll police ourselves.”� But we have no trust in zealots who have proclaimed a “cultural war” when a majority of our public, according to a recent survey, believe that the President has the power to suspend the Bill of Rights.

Some will feel we’re alarmist; some, that we haven’t gone half far enough.� Some will opt for a symbolic vote.� For us, while we disagree with many Kerry positions, he’s an intelligent, capable man – and the only hope.

Deficits rise with no end in sight.� The rich/poor gap yawns, and the US now is *27th* best in infant mortality rate.� My friend must pay $5/day for an hour’s after-school daycare because the flat-broke district has eliminated a bus route.� We can’t fund education mandates, but we can afford an ABM system and a new generation of small, “usable” nuclear weapons – then demand that “rogue states” cease nuclear proliferation.� We spend $120+ billions to destroy a dictatorship while propping up the absolute monarchy next door.� We promote freedom by torturing prisoners and seeking to classify American citizens out of their rights.� We abrogate international treaties.� We ignore global warming.� We eviscerate environmental protections.� We appoint extreme ideologues to the Federal bench.

Well, Homeland Security hasn’t declared it, but right now, for us, it’s Code Red.� We urge you to act.”

First Gemini review

Monday, October 18th, 2004

The first review of Gemini The Musical to appear is at, whose reporter, Kathryn Osenlund, found the songs to be “… refreshing and musically interesting. The lyrics, artfully constructed and intricately fitted, advance the story and provide insight into the characters, as the tunes shape the mood.” Many kind words for all involved – with any luck, the first of many to come!

CG Interview in South Philly Review

Friday, October 15th, 2004

The South Philadelphia Review is currently running a
lovely interview by Ruth Rovner about me and Gemini The Musical. There’s other articles about the show to be found on the show’s official site.
After an arduous preview week, I’m starting to feel like we’re over the hump. Tomorrow is the opening – keep your fingers crossed!

Philadelphia Inquirer article on Albert Innaurato and ‘Gemini’

Monday, October 11th, 2004

This Sunday’s Inky ran a story by Doug Keating called “Playwright Innaurato’s home for a ‘Gemini’ with music”. It’s a great informative interview, though you have to buy the paper if you want the pictures. Good previews this weekend – nice houses, warm response, actors settling in and growing more secure. Previews continue through Friday.

Gemini News on

Saturday, October 9th, 2004

Here’s an article in about the upcoming opening of Gemini The Musical. First preview tonight – wish us luck!

Quick Update

Monday, October 4th, 2004

Readers of the Chazzyblog are no doubt disappointed by the recent lack of content, and apologies are in order: once more I find myself too darn busy to blog. Take a look at this image of the Gemini set, which we moved onto yesterday at the end of our third week of rehearsal. The work is exciting, often terrifying, as we struggle to beat the clock and get it right, and the pressure is immense.

I warned Barry James, the actor playing Francis (seen on the right in this photo), that I might post it – it shows him wearing the latest fashion for fatty wannabes. On the left is Robert Picardo, who plays Fran, his father. That’s the best I got today – I’m off to a full schedule of class, rehearsals, interviews and intense conversations. Somebody remind me to breathe!