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More Holiday tunes

Monday, December 25th, 2006

On Christmas evening, here’s another mp3 upload from the Chazzy archives – this one an original tune that I penned early in the 90’s.

Our two-year-old child is kind of wild
Whatever we want, he fights
But at Christmas, the infant is tender and mild —
That’s what happens when the humbug bites!

Our everyday fare is rather spare,
Some Vitamin C and rice,
But at Christmas, we dine on roast beef, rare —
That’s what happens when the humbug bites!

I’m usually hip but I lose my grip
When the holidays nip the air.
I mumble along to a jive old song.
Maybe it’s square, but I don’t care!

Our normal decor is quite a bore,
All beiges and creams and whites.
The holidays, though, bring glitz galore
And colorful things from roof to floor
Like tinsel and twinkling lights.
Boy, that humbug!
He be some bug!
That’s what happens when the humbug bites!

The recording is in stunning lo-fi cassette audio, but captures the Dave Frishberg-ian whimsy of this holiday creation. The last stanza of the lyric will seem especially apropos when viewing the pix below.

When The Humbug Bites

Holiday Lights

Monday, December 25th, 2006

This is a view through the first floor showing the illuminated canopy over the dining table and the Christmas tree. Through the portal, you can see on into the living room. Below, D’Arcy (foreground) and her friend Beth (on the ladder) rig a canopy of greens suspended in a net of twinkle lights over the dining room table.

Children roasting on an open fire…

Monday, December 25th, 2006

This was the scene in our backyard, where we set up a new copper fire pit that that boys bought for D’Arcy. Alex snapped it on his camera phone and posted it on flickr; click on the photo to view the complete set. The fire pit proved to be a favored location during the Christmas eve party, as friends (especially the younger ones) gathered to warm their knees and Kerry tended the blaze.

Add some hipness to your holiday

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

Here’s a blast from the past – a song that my friend Harvey Price and I recorded back in the 20th century, when cassette tapes were state of the art and the beatboxing came from a $79 Casio keyboard that my (then) toddler son Alex called a “dik-dak.” The session took place in the band room at the Amy E. DuPont Music Building at the University of Delaware. Christmas is a time of memories, families and friends, and this track holds a bunch of them. On Christmas Eve tomorrow, we’ll be seeing Harvey and his wife Linda, who we’ve known since pre-kid days, and in anticipation of getting together, our college-age kids exchanged text messages in which they flirted with the idea of holding a jam session in the basement. They get their beats from Reason and Garageband and their preferred axes are guitars of the electronic variety. No doubt about it, it’s the 21st century now, but their musical genealogy is no mystery. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

The Little Electronic Drummer Boy

Jason Robert Brown’s “13”

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

First SPRING AWAKENING, and now this!  Is this a sign that the commercial musical theater is awakening to the buying power in the adolescent demographic?  Consider: Wicked, High School Musical.  Discuss.