Found this on the Sondheim list.

Sunday in the Dark with George

Finishing Iraq.
How you have to finish Iraq.
How you fuck the rest of the world from the White House,
While you finish Iraq.

Starting in the sky.
Putting little planes in the sky.
What you feel when voices that come through the speakers go…
Until you say who should die.
And then there’s light in the sky.

And how you’re always finding out too late
That the building you bombed was a kid with a kite.
But then the kind of nation willing to wait
Ought to know that America’s antsy.
So you lock them in your sight.
And hit them when it’s night.
Finishing Iraq.
Dusting all the sand off Iraq.
Wringing out the world of Iraq like a washcloth,
And then throwing it back.

Stomping out a race.
What you feel destroying a race.
Makes a little space for a flag and a Wendy’s.

Now they’re free, it’s the only way to be.

And when another giant tower blows
We can say to ourselves, “Well, we give what we give,”
And remain a nation that always knows that as long as we live
There’s an army
Always standing by,
Waiting in the sky,
Finishing Iraq.
Aiming at Iraq.
Finishing Iraq.
Setting up a plaque
Where there used to be Iraq.
(Scott Murphy)

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