“Man of many talents”

Here’s the online version of a short profile penned by Jeff Murphy in a recent issue of the News Journal. Jeff himself is a man of many talents and a former student from my U of D days. The photo accompanying the article was the handiwork of D’s new digicam.

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  1. Jeff Murphy says:

    Wow, you’re on top of this. I hope you liked the article. I can’t imagine the link will last long. Thanks for letting me do a mini-profile. I really wanted to mention all that’s happened to you since those UD days, but especially the recent successes with Gemini: The Musical and the revival of Assassins. I know you thought you’d be further along in your quest to take over American Music Theatre by now, but slow and steady wins the race.

  2. DarkoV says:

    Your ability to hold a pensive pose is enviable. I wish there was a roguish twist of one eyebrow. Just a touch of the macabre.

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