In response to the rising chorus of protests regarding the lack of recent activity on the Chazzyblog, I can only offer the following image by way of explanation:

Yes, it’s true – the love of my life caught in flagrante with a notorious TV chef. Oh, the ignominy! I had wandered off to another part of the store to find the anchovy fillets, and returned to discover this culinary tete a tete in progress.

And so, to assuage the heartache, I threw myself into my work, where I spend my days peering forlornly at a page of music, just like this fellow…

…who my shrewd readership will undoubtedly recognize as Randy Newman. I started rehearsals a week ago for “The Middle of Nowhere,” a production at the Prince Music Theater which I am music-directing. The show will run from June 4 to June 26, and it’s probably not too early to buy your tickets now.

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  1. DarkoV says:

    No Contest, Mr. Chazzy G! You have that extra dimension to trump any charms the 2 dimensional Emril may be bestowing on your lovely spouse. She is always seeking the depth, so she’ll discard this cardboard purveyor shortly.

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