Recovering nicely…

Any readers who found the prospect of my suffering at the hands of the Dental Inquisition distressing will be relieved to know that I’m recuperating comfortably and benefitting from the angelic ministrations of the Blessed D’Arcy. A papal committee has been convened to put her on the fast track to sainthood, especially after she spent hours stirring a delicious risotto-like Spanish rice pudding so I could have something tasty but not too dentally challenging to enjoy. Hats off to Dr. Mermer and his crew, who seem to have done a splendid job! Now to see how long I can milk this invalid act…

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  1. DarkoV says:

    Well, the burning of candles and offerings placed beneath any available statuery seems to have worked. That and perhaps solid professional dental training. It’s good to have you back from the Land of the Anaesthesia. And to wake up to D’Arcy? Well, what could be better? You two seem to be the sole members of a mutual admiration society as she is busy singing your praises as the embodiment of Stoicism.

    Will this operation affect your voice at all? Like a change to the inside of a cave, wouldn’t the sound travel at a different timbre?

    The Stoic sound, perhaps. All the best on your D’Arcyed recovery.

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