Carnivale of the Dogs

Carnivale of the Dogs

Boy, do we know how to have fun in Philadelphia! On a sunny Saturday, we grabbed a couple millet muffins and made our way to Rittenhouse Square, where preparations were underway for the Carnivale of the Dogs. The weather was mild, the mood euphoric, the dogs dressed to impress. I had to bust out the new cameraphone and take a few snaps.

Dog in a Dress

This is Sammy, who was on her way to the costume judging at the Carnivale. She looks a little less than thrilled about the prospect.

Dog talent show

Incredible doggie talents were on display, but the crowd was packed in too tight for me to squeeze in with my camera. Here, the contestants are lined up on the red carpet just prior to the final judging (done via audience applause). In the front is Cool Whip, who barked the Eagles’ fight song while her mistress sang it. Then there was Barley the pug, who spent much of his performance spinning in circles. The winner was Emma, who could fetch a kleenex from a box of tissues when his mistress sneezed and daintily carried a Wawa hotdog to his owner without biting into it. D’Arcy thought that was the best trick of all!

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  1. DarkoV says:

    Though I had not seen any of the tricks, I’d have to disagree with D’Arcy’s top choice. Having had a few of the “hot dogs” at Wawa, I disagree that as to the perceived difficulty in biting into one. In fact, it is quite difficult to join one’s upper and lower mandibles with a Wawa dog in between. A sawing action is required, with an occassional assist by pushing down one’s right hand on the top of one’s head and one’s left hand pressing up one’s jaw. So, the fact that the little mutt didn’t bite into the Wawa dog is ho-hummer. Now, having a dog in Philly that can bark the Eagles fight song!?!!?!?! That is a dog worth dognapping.

    Has the Carnivale of Dogs persuaded you to adapt another four-legged boarder?

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