Young string band fans

Music fans and party animals gathered on South 12th Street tonight to celebrate Skippy and Suzanne’s wedding. Of course, they’ve been together for ten years and have two children, so the whole wedding thing is a little strange, I guess, but a great occasion for a party nonetheless. Members of the South Philly String Band strutted down the street, which had been closed off for the party, and presented a medley of Mummers’ favorites (When You’re Smiling, Four Leaf Clover, Oh Dem Golden Slippers and so on). After they finished, the DJ cranked up the sound system and rocked the bricks in our front wall for several hours. Neighbors and well-wishers wandered in and out of each other’s houses, eating and drinking and comparing notes on home improvements. Casual conversation with the neighbors reveals a startling number of musicians (well, drummers too) on the block, including a new neighbor who’s renovating and making room for a home studio. Lucky us, to land on a musical block!

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