The 35th Reunion, Part II

I’ve been delinquent in posting the second installment of the reunion story, which took place two weeks ago on September 30. In the photo, you can see me on right, standing next to Jane Petkofsky, Holly Thompson and Bruce Hamilton in the lobby of the Italian American Club outside Kennett Square. I hadn’t seen Jane since 1971, and Holly since the early 70’s. Bruce, Holly and I were part of a youth group sponsored by the local Unitarian Fellowship called “Sine Nomine” (meaning “without a name” – how clever were we?). Jane, Holly and I were all involved in drama at Henderson High – Holly had brought a program from a show called “Shakespeare Without Tears” in which I appeared as Jaques from “As You Like It” AND Prospero from “The Tempest” – excerpts, of course, but talk about precocious! Jane, meanwhile, appeared in an excerpt from “Midsummer” that Holly directed in the school’s courtyard. Jane went on to a career as an attorney in DC but has remained active in theater, performing in many Washington-area shows to considerable acclaim (Google her name if you don’t believe me). Holly is, like me, a college teacher – in her case, teaching Chem at the Univ of Montana in Missoula. (Bruce’s particulars are in my previous blog entry about the reunion.) The photographer was my lovely wife, who captured this moment on the cameraphone. We all enjoyed seeing each other but I can’t say we enjoyed the food too much – for $45 a head, I was hoping for more than ziti and steam-table roast beef au jus. Conversation after dinner was thwarted by the DJ who’d been hired for the event – many of the geezers were up sashaying on the parquet at the It-Am Club, but those of us who wanted to talk had to shout over the ancient rock tunes.

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