Add some hipness to your holiday

Here’s a blast from the past – a song that my friend Harvey Price and I recorded back in the 20th century, when cassette tapes were state of the art and the beatboxing came from a $79 Casio keyboard that my (then) toddler son Alex called a “dik-dak.” The session took place in the band room at the Amy E. DuPont Music Building at the University of Delaware. Christmas is a time of memories, families and friends, and this track holds a bunch of them. On Christmas Eve tomorrow, we’ll be seeing Harvey and his wife Linda, who we’ve known since pre-kid days, and in anticipation of getting together, our college-age kids exchanged text messages in which they flirted with the idea of holding a jam session in the basement. They get their beats from Reason and Garageband and their preferred axes are guitars of the electronic variety. No doubt about it, it’s the 21st century now, but their musical genealogy is no mystery. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

The Little Electronic Drummer Boy

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  1. DarkoV says:

    Charlie, this is absolutely wonderful! I thought I’d never hear a version of this song that I could stand listening to.

    Then, there’s this masterful version, sequestered away for decades. What else is in that bag of older goodies?

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